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11. ALFILM – Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin Nomad Edition

10/09/2020 a las 20:00 – 21:15
Kino Arsenal
11. ALFILM – Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin Nomad Edition @ Kino Arsenal
Five months after the scheduled date, ALFILM will finally pick up speed again in September – albeit with a changed route and under ongoing pandemic conditions. ALFILM will be travelling light, as a condensed nomadic edition, from one venue to the next. The “Official Selection” films chosen for this special edition tell stories of life (and survival), of people appropriating their own narrative and of the magic of the moving image. This year’s “Spotlight” series, “Resistance is Female,” highlights “female perspectives on war, conflict and other societal states of emergency with films from Syria, Iraq, and Algeria i. a.”
In addition to the events at Arsenal cinema, Alfilm will also take place at City Kino Wedding and Freiluft Kino Kreuzberg.
Wednesday, September 2
FOR SAMA Waad Al-Kateab, Edward Watts GB/Syrien 2019 OmE 95’
Thursday, September 3
THE JOURNEY Mohamed Al-Daradji Irak/Kanada/GB/F/Katar/NL 2017 OmE 82’
Friday, September 4
FREEDOM FIELDS Naziha Arebi GB/Lybien2018 OmE 97’
Saturday, September 5
YOU WILL DIE AT TWENTY Amjad Abu Alala Sudan/F/Ägypten/D/Norwegen/Katar 2019 OmE 105’
TALKING ABOUT TREES Suhaib Gasmelbari F/Sudan/Tschad/D/Katar 2019 OmE 93’
Sunday, September 6
SCREWDRIVER Bassam Jarbawi Palästina/USA/Katar 2018 OmE 108’
Monday, September 7
FERTILE MEMORY Michel Khleifi Belgien/D/Palästina 1980 OmE 99’
Tuesday, September 8
THE WAY HOME Wael Kadlo Syrien/Libanon 2018 OmE 65’
Wednesday, September 9
GIVE UP THE GHOST Zain Duraie Jordanien/Schweden/D 2019 OmE 15’
ALL COME FROM DUST Younes Ben Slimane Tunesien 2019 OmE 9’
ROUJOULA Ilias El Faris Marokko/F 2017 OmE 22’
SUNDAY MARKET: TRIPOLI Yahya Mourad Libanon 2018 OmE 16’
BROTHERHOOD Meryam Joobeur Kanada/Tunesien/Katar/Schweden 2018 OmE 25‘
UNDERDOWN Sarah Kaskas Libanon/Katar/D 2018 OmE 72′
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