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14. Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019

22/10/2019 a las 23:45 – 28/10/2019 a las 00:45
Kino Moviemento
Kottbusser Damm 22
Pornfilmfestival Berlin
14. Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019 @ Kino Moviemento


14th Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019 – between Classics and Zeitgeist

The 14th Pornfilmfestival Berlin opens on 22 October 2019 with a special cooperation between two important protagonists of the alternative porn film from the USA and Europe. After a creative break of several years, the American queer porn icon Madison Young returns to the director’s chair for the narrative porn feature film «Unravelled Intimacies» – and for the first time cooperates with director and producer Erika Lust, who has been producing porn from a female perspective in Barcelona for years and has become an advocate of pornography far into the social mainstream.

Another facet of alternative, sexually explicit film production can be seen in the closing film «The Sad Girls from the Mountains», the first feature film production by the Berlin film collective Meow Meow, already represented at the Pornfilmfestival with numerous, often exuberantly creative short films. Following in the footsteps of the pornoterrorism of Bruce LaBruce, the directors Candy Flip & Theo Meow are staging a subversive-explosive independent film, financed by sex work and produced free from any production constraints or excessive expectations.

This year’s retrospective is dedicated to the French porn film of the 70s. A total of five films by Max Pécas, José Bénazéraf, Monique Carrera and Jean-Claude Roy can be seen from German 35mm film copies. The programme includes major works by popular and successful erotic film directors of their time, such as Pécas, as well as extremely rare films by forgotten master directors such as Bénazéraf, which can be rediscovered at the retrospective.

Further new discoveries or rediscoveries of classical and unjustly forgotten films will be presented for the first time in our new festival section Pornfilmfestival Classics. We pay homage to the great lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer, who died in March 2019, with the screening of a 16mm copy of «Nitrate Kisses». We celebrate the book publication «Good Hot Stuff. The Life and Times of Gay Film Pioneer Jack Deveau» (Éditions Moustache, 2019), which was created in the context of our Hand In Hand Films retrospective in 2015, with a screening of the gay porn documentary «Good Hot Stuff», which is also projected from a historical 16mm copy. Digitally restored classics of gay cinema such as Frank Ripploh’s «Taxi zum Klo», Arthur Bressan’s «Forbidden Letters» or the late Soviet art film «100 Days, Comrade Soldier» by Hussein Erkenov, the lesbian fetish documentary «BloodSisters» as well as Doris Wishman’s lavishly restored early work «The Prince and the Nature Girl», which was thought lost, can also be seen in digitally restored form.

The contemporary film programme also features numerous feature and documentary films as well as all sorts of hybrid form experiments around the themes of sexuality(s) and body politics. The spectrum ranges from the touching documentary film «Candice» and the feminist porn icon Candida Royalle to the pornographic-performative and thoroughly queer collective film «(W/HOLE)», from Maria Beatty’s lesbian witch horror «Spit and Ashes» to the clash of gay fetish life and Brandenburg gardens in Ismail Necmi’s «Behind the Mask», from Malga Kubiak’s overflowing performance art project «Federico García Lorca Noir Despair» to the exuberantly imaginative Brazilian fetish documentary «Mr. Leather» or the intimate Spanish documentary «Trans résistencia» to Penny Lane’s documentary «Hail Satan?», which was celebrated at international festivals and portrays Satanism in a completely new, political light.

As part of the Filmmaker in Focus programme, each year a number of guests of honour at the festival present themselves, their work and their films. This year, the lesbian icon Nan Kinney, who co-founded the first lesbian porn label Fatale Media as well as the legendary magazine «On Our Backs», the US-American/Colombian experimental filmmaker duo Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados, the DIY Internet porn pioneers LUNA X JAMES and the creative head of the gay porn label Cockyboys, Jake Jaxson, will be our guests.

With a total of 17 thematically curated programmes, the Pornfilmfestival 2019 is also showing more short film programmes than ever before in the festival’s history. From the annual short film competition to «classics» of the festival programme such as Fun Porn, Experimental Porn, Lesbian Porn, Gay Porn, Fetish Porn, Political Porn or Berlin Porn, an Educational Porn short film programme will also be shown for the first time, sometimes with a humorous wink, yet seriously meant, presenting a variety of proposals for the future of sex education.

As every year, the programme is supplemented by workshops, panels, lectures, book presentations, exhibitions, art in the cinema as well as our party and lounge programme. The big festival party will take place for the first time on Saturday, 26 October in a new location in Burg Schnabel. All festival guests and audiences are invited to the Monarch Bar for the award ceremony and farewell party on late Sunday evening, during which the three festival prizes for the best short film, the best feature film and the best documentary are awarded.