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Acting for improvisers online

18/10/2021 a las 18:00 – 19:30
Evento Online


One of my most popular online courses is back! sharpen your impro toolbox in terms of performance! learn a bunch of new skills and have tones of fun acting!! I cannot recommend this enough.
I invite you to explore some powerful and effective acting tools like objective, obstacles, subtext, beats, changes and stage/screen presence. We will work with monologues, dialogues, with improvised and scripted scenes. You will be supported as a group as well as individuals and you will get personal feedback so you will be able to improvise from a place of commitment, honesty and courage.
Max participants: 8 only (so be quick)
October 11 until December 13
(no class on October 18 and November 15)
8 sessions
Price 185€
For registration and more info write to: