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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Level 1- Webinar

16/01/2021 a las 10:00 – 17/01/2021 a las 19:00
Evento Online
Onevibe- Soundbaths and Courses


Are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey through the magical vibrations of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and their impact on our body, brain and emotional system?
Then this course is for you.
You will build the foundation to gain a whole new understanding of crystal sound work by learning how to handle and apply the original Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Crystal Tones™.
You will engage in:
-scientific and musical background knowledge
-the proper care and handling of the bowls
-when and how to apply them (and when and how not to)
-the different playing techniques,
-the main Indian Chakra system,
…..and much more.
Half of the course will be theoretical, the other part will be focused on practical application.
During the course each student will create a short sound ceremony, practice, and finally play for fellow students as a practical exam.
For the theoretical part we will be together in a Zoom classroom, the practical part will be in small virtual groups of three people maximum to ensure a high standard in terms of sound quality and personal support.
Due to the nature of this course it is mandatory to own at least one Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl. We offer a 10% discount for participants until the last day of the course.
Early Bird until November 30th:
Regular: 550,- EUR
Facilitator: Miriam Langenscheidt
To register write an email to :
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!