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Animal Rights Parade JoinTheMove // Berlin

01/06/2019 a las 11:30 – 14:30
Breitscheidplatz (frente a KFC)
Luka & Mia Vlahovic and Jointhemove
Animal Rights Parade JoinTheMove // Berlin @ Breitscheidplatz

The next monthly ANIMAL RIGHTS PARADE in Berlin will be on 01.06.2019

🌷Let`s connect us and make it to a celebration of joy, while spreading the vegan message in Berlin🌷

✊Animal rights?

This doesn´t mean that we want to give animals the right to vote, rather the right to freedom instead of captivity, peace instead of torture, life instead of death.

With us:
– generator-powered music system for dancing

We demand

📣 all vegans and fellow citizens who are against the animal industry and are for a more peaceful world to move with us through Berlin.

📣to the public to look, become aware of the consequences of their actions, deal with the subject of animal rights and veganism and to become aware of the catastrophic consequences of the animal industry.

📣 all of you to join us, to show the world that democracy is not an empty ritual in which the people vote every few years, rather a reality of free citizens who feel responsible and are dare to raise their voices together.


01.06.2019 – Berlin

✅11:30 – Breitscheidplatz (meeting point between Budapester Straße and Gedächtniskirche, in front of KFC)

✅12:00 – Departure in the direction of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz

✅13:30 – Arrival at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz

👉It´s our fifth animal rights parade this year, from 6 more this year. We can have as a common mission to meet every month with the goal of becoming more next month. 👈

💚We hope that on first of June we will get to know many of you and get together to stand up and speak out against all forms in which animals are used, abused and exploited. Please share this event with as many people as possible💚

Together we will write history for the animals, later generation and for a fairer world. 🌏

🌞The parade is open to everyone, but the message of it is a vegan future.🌞

🌿Please note that the core idea of ​​veganism takes into account that no living thing should be exploited or discriminated against, so racism, sexism and other discriminatory attitudes are not welcome here.🌿

Please leave your animal roommates, such as dogs, cats and mini pigs at home, because it will get very loud🐱🐶🐷

More info at:

Portada: Join The Move (FB)


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