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ART: Exhibition Opening: Seeds for Future Memories

11/07/2019 a las 19:00 – 22:00
Linienstraße 139/140
ART: Exhibition Opening: Seeds for Future Memories @ art.ifa

Seeds for Future Memories – Voicing the two ends of migration

Artists: Johanna Bramble, Aliou (Badou) Diack, Juan Pablo Macías, Fabrice Monteiro, Mario Pfeifer, Judith Raum, Lerato Shadi.

Welcome: Ronald Grätz, Secretary General, ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and Inka Gressel, Director, ifa-Galerie Berlin.

Introduction: Angelika Stepken, Director, Villa Romana, Florence and Negger Dou Tamba, rapper, artist and activist, Tambacounda.

About the exhibition:

Last year, 13 artists travelled back and forth between both ‘ends’ of the migratory path in Senegal and Italy.

For years, the region surrounding Tambacounda in the south east of Senegal has had the highest rate of migration in West Africa. On top of this, it is a crossing point on the dangerous route to Mali, which goes on to Agadez in Niger and Sabha in Libya. Less than ten per cent of migrants reach Europe, where they ultimately find themselves stranded in refugee camps. The others die en route or end up in prison. For many years, tens of thousands of people of Moroccan, Senegalese and Nigerian descent have lived in Tuscany. The African diaspora in Italy also includes the more than 300,000 migrants who have survived the perilous route across the Mediterranean Sea in the last three years. When you speak to them individually, many often say that it wasn’t worth taking the risk of fleeing their home countries. They can’t find work, their treacherous journeys and the months or years spent in refugee camps have traumatized them, and they often experience a devastating sense of loneliness in Europe.

The SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES project creatively examines the asymmetrical historical and present-day relationship between Africa and Europe with the intention of discovering and developing narratives that overcome both sides’ unilateral invention of the ‘other’. This includes researching the delusional idea of the ‘West’, something driven by hope, pride, narratives and familial pressure, as well as the effects of neo-liberal globalisation, rapid urbanisation, land grabbing and the negative effects of climate change. The participating artists from both residences see themselves as ‘transmitters’, introducing new channels and spaces for dialogue.

SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES is an ongoing project. The first works created within the context of the exchange will be presented in Berlin (ifa-Galerie Berlin, ACUD MACHT NEU, Freiraum in der Box)

A cooperation between the artists’ residences Thread in Sinthian, Senegal, and Villa Romana in Florence, Italy

Participating artists: Johanna Bramble, Leone Contini, Aliou (Badou) Diack, Giovanni Hänninen/Alberto Amoretti, Mohamed Keita, Juan Pablo Macías, Fabrice Monteiro, Mario Pfeifer, Judith Raum, Lerato Shadi, Patrick Joel Tatcheda Yonkeu, Justin Randolph Thompson

Opening Freiraum in der Box: Wednesday, 10. July, 7 pm
Exhibition duration: 11. July – 17. August 2019 | Wed – Sat, 2 – 6 pm

Opening ACUD Galerie: Friday, 12. July, 6 pm
Exhibition duration: 13. July – 3. August 2019 | Thurs – Sat, 2- 7 pm

Portada: Juan Pablo Macias