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ÄTNA x Yabal – Virtual Live Concert Experience

28/01/2021 a las 19:30 – 21:30
Evento Online
ÄTNA, Reeperbahn Festival


Presented by FluxFM, Reeperbahn Festival, ANCHOR Award & WISE
If there is one thing the past year has shown, it is that we’re in a global crisis of equity and care. The question is can we seize this opportunity in order to make some necessary changes? As the near future remains unpredictable – it still isn’t clear whether or not (and how) coming together in real life for live performances will be possible. We want to experiment and find new consciousness, new (role) models, new identities, and new consensuses. Many socio-political and ecological movements show the diversity of existing impulses for change.
We again have to postpone most of our upcoming concerts. But rather than waiting for things to get back to normal we want to create and keep on experimenting with serious intentions and question existing structures by turning them on its head. It feels like the current process can break down some barriers in communicating with you and that’s why we think an interactive experience that brings us all together is important. In the studio we’re perfecting a moment – but when we’re doing something live we’re creating a moment with the help of you, our audience. Let’s do this together!
ÄTNA are Inéz and Demian Kappenstein. Together they seem like two extremes: he immerses himself in crafting organic beats, while she is a special kind of singer, channeling vocals and piano into surreal elegies. But together as ÄTNA they produce songs that seamlessly blend art-pop, futuristic indietronica, lush rhythms, and glorious vocals, that evoke a longing for wanderlust – and cause goosebumps. Their debut Made By Desire marks a new chapter in German pop. In 2020 during Reeperbahn Festival ÄTNA got awarded with the German music award ANCHOR.
How it works
The virtual concert experience is a unique performance played by ÄTNA in real-time. ÄTNA control their avatars in the world in real-time using a motion capture suit. As a fan you attend with your personalized avatar in the immersive virtual music festival world Yabal together with other fans. Yabal is currently available for PC and Mac in early access (see requirements):
To participate with your own avatar download Yabal (account creation needed):