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01/03/2020 a las 19:00 – 23:00
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlín


Foto: Fb Cover Event BerliNegra

BerliNegra is a conscious three-year pregnancy. But in reality it is the dreams of our lives that we are transforming into Rights.
which becomes possible now. then it follows the process of fighting for our humanization of our visibility and the most important: Subjects of our Narratives.

BerliNegra is one more tool of the protagonism of our Narrative.
The BerliNegra logo is the dream. the desire for fulfillment.
this dream came true for Mãe Beata when she passed through Berlin.
She had never been an angel in her school days.
racism prevented it, claiming that there is no black angel.
In an initiative by Ras Adauto, Yone Gudes, Murah Soares, Katharina Lang This dream was Materialized, she was the angel over Berlin.
The Dream / Law
Continuation of the Dream / Law
Thanks to Jamile da Silva who started this pregnancy together
Low thanks for the support in the art
Thanks Thiago Rosa
Marissa Lobo
Natasha Rodrigues, Robson Ramos, Ronaldo Brito e Rute, Neusa Paixão
Thanks Karlos França
To all authors
Screenwriters ….
To all Quilomboles
Our ancestral guardian of the platform.
To Beatriz Nascimento
Guide by Quilombo Allee