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Black Queer Coffee Workshop

26/08/2020 a las 12:00 – 15:00
Admiralstr. 1-2
10999 Berlin


(English Language Event)

Have you wanted to learn how to become a barista and applied for numerous positions with no success? If so this is why GLADT are creating a barista workshop for black queer people in Berlin. Learning the necessary skills in a safe and empowering environment is key to absorbing new information and also will give the confidence needed to go into new work spaces with your new found skills.

This workshop is about creating a space for learning, open conversations and exchange of experiences and knowledge regarding the hospitality industry. We want people to attend this workshop and leave with not only more knowledge about coffee but also the fact they have been in a space that was created for them to be free and express themselves however they see fit

TIME: Wednesday 26.08.2020 from 12.00 pm to 15.00pm
PLACE: Südblock- Admiralstraße 1-2, 10999 Berlin
Wheelchair Accessible
FEES: Free
NUMBER: max. 5 Participants


This event is organized by GLADT e.V.