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Breath, Body, and Music | Introductory Online Meetup

01/12/2020 a las 19:00 – 20:00
Evento Online
MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science


This Meetup is aimed for everyone who is interested in breathwork as a method for self-regulation, self-exploration and transformation, with or without previous experience. No matter whether you want to join out of personal or professional interest (i.e. medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, support professions or other mental health professionals), everyone who would like to learn more about various modalities and benefits of breathwork is welcome.
In this meetup, you will get a basic introduction into:
-The origins of breathwork
-Different schools and modalities that we are considering at MIND Foundation
-A brief overview of the research that has been done in the field
-An overview of the offers being planned for those interested in the subject.
We are offering this meetup which will be followed by similar events every 2-3 months with an intention of building a community of people that share interest in breathwork. Our vision is to expand professional networks and to provide a platform for information and knowledge sharing regarding this simple yet effective approach which is easily accessible to practically everyone.
During the meetup there will be plenty of time for questions and dialogue regarding the topic.