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Contemporary Oriental Dance (Studio + Online)

15/06/2020 a las 18:15 – 19:45
Tribal Dance Academy
Katharinenstr. 18
Sofiya Dance, Tribal Dance Academy


The class takes place in the studio as well as online. Only 4 people can join the studio class, so if you want to join write to me a message early on, or book here:

To book the online event, please check out the Eventbrite link in the event.

Treat yourself with an energizing, fun and exciting dance session!

Contemporary Oriental Dance is a blend of oriental and contemporary dance with elements of tribal fusion. The class incorporates various techniques that improve the improvisation, body control, isolations, body-mind centering, musicality, and expressiveness.

During the class we will learn more about the correct dance posture, make dance conditioning exercises, go through simple ballet exercises and turns, and learn important oriental moves. In the end, we will combine these techniques into an exciting choreography.
The class level will vary according to the students. No age restriction.

Price: 12 € studio / 7 € online
Available through the Urban Sports Club with an additional fee of 4 € .

Language: English/German

Class location: Tribal Dance Academy