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Creative Writing Workshop – Choose Your Own Quarantine

06/07/2020 a las 16:30 – 19:30
Kleine Humboldt Galerie
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlín
Creative Writing Workshop - Choose Your Own Quarantine @ Kleine Humboldt Galerie

Choose Your Own Quarantine – Workshop

– Number of Participants: maximum of 15 people.
– Registration:
– Where: Zoom (Due to Covid-19 we’d like to create a work-environment that is safe and accessible for everyone)
– Requirements*: stable network/WiFi and a working microphone

Have a look at “Choose Your Own Quarantine” here:

Earlier in June, Kleine Humboldt Galerie had the honor to present “Choose Your Own Quarantine”, a text-based game by artists Dasha Ilina and Sofia Haines on KONTINUUM ( Out of their own quarantines, they collaborated on this witty online game, exploring realities and futures that range from far-fetched dystopias to storylines that hit really close to home. Now they want to share their methods of writing with you!

During the Choose Your Own Quarantine workshop the participants, together with the two creators of the game, will envisage new scenarios to be added to the online game. Fully developed branches of the game will exist online and the participants will be able to leave the workshop with their own stories to share with their community. The goal of this workshop is to activate the social imaginaries of the group, through writing and critical thinking, while speculating on the futures and (re-)written histories that lie ahead.

*Please note that the workshop will be held in English!