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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – A Journey through Sound

27/06/2019 a las 18:30 – 20:00
Choriner Straße 81
Ana Correia - Reiki Healer & Psychologist
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing - A Journey through Sound


SOUND HEALING is a form of Vibrational Medicine and is based in the scientific principles that all matter, like the earth and our body (our cells) are made up of ENERGY, all VIBRATING at different frequencies.

When our body is out of rhythm in our natural frequency, it manifests disease or disharmony.
It is through the vibration during a sound healing that we are able to release any blockages in our energy channels.

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CRYSTAL BOWL SOUND HEALING is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today!

They can heal dissonante frequencies, restore mind and body, increase your vibration and bring answers to deeply rooted problems or unsolved life situations.

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The beautiful, fragile yet powerful CRYSTAL BOWLS are made with the PUREST QUALITY of clear quartz chrystal (99,992% pure! ) making them incredibly resonant.

The sound is so PURE that it begins to train your body in how to hear information throughout your body not just in your ears. Each part of your body hears and speaks to your brain. This has a TRANSFORMATIONAL effect in your energy centres (CHAKRAS).

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::::::::::::::::::: MOTHER’S WOMB CRYSTAL BOWL

For this evening I will be using the calming and tender Mother’s Womb Crystal bowl.

This Bowl is made with the purest quality of clean quartz crystal alchemically infused with elements and minerals from the healing hot springs in Utah. As such, it carries the HEALING FREQUENCY of the materials it is made of.

it’s colour, soft pink, as used in COLOR THERAPY, it’s the colour of universal love for oneself and others, allowing your heart to open and soften.

It’s note is D, meaning it’s connected to the SACRAL chakra, the chakra of our emotional body, CREATIVITY, FLOW and PLEASURE.

This bowl works on the ovaries, womb, testicles, heart and the ADRENAL GLANDS, bringing HORMONAL BALANCE, reducing cortisol levels and assuring deep relaxation.

This bowl is about connecting one with the earth. It’s energy creates a WARM EMBRACE, comforting like a mother’s WOMB.

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… Deep relaxation as it brings the brain into the alpha state

… a sense of well being, increase in energy and pain relief

… balance brain hemispheres

… restores the body into it’s natural vibrational state

… impacts our nervous system, muscles, mental processing, pulse and heart beat as well as digestive and circulatory system

… deep levels of transformation and healing

… Promote stillness, happiness and well being. Stimulate the immune system.

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::::::::::::::::::::::::: DETAILS

** We will start with a soft meditation to calm our minds and prepare our bodies to become more receptive

** Laying down we will then immerse ourselves in the sounds from the crystal bowl

** PRICE: 30€

– BOOKING requires pre-payment. Please contact me to get yours. –

:::::::::::::::::::::: CONTACT

Phone Nr.: +49 15901797708


Ana Correia
Ana works as a Psychologist and a Reiki practitioner and has a background as a street photographer. Her passion is to teach people to be free, to feel well, to connect with God and living from their own voice and not external influences.
Ana was trained by Chris Garmer, co-founder of the Center for MSC (Mindful self-compassion) as a teacher for Mindful Self-Compassion. She guides groups where she teaches about self-compassion and ways to cope with one’s suffering and started recently introducing the magical and healing efects of Sound healing into her practice with clients as well with groups.
After a major breakdown she found this new path that is still teaching her how to become a more loving person, and that’s what’s she’s spreading now in her life.
You can visit her page here: