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CTF 2019 ∞ The Persian side of Tango

22/08/2019 a las 15:00 – 23/08/2019 a las 02:00
Contemporary Tango Festival
Europaplatz 1
Contemporary Tango Festival
CTF 2019 ∞ The Persian side of Tango @ Contemporary Tango Festival


15:00 Tangocafe with DJ Maria Mondino (Berlin)
18:00 Beginnerclass with teachers from the Tango school Nou Tango Berlin: Ellie Mutchler & Thomas Rieser
(open class to everyone, just come and try your first steps)

20:00 – 02:00 Milonga
Live-Music: The GeomeTrio: Carlos Libedinsky (Bandoneon), Nora Thiele (Percussion) and Mahan Mirarab (Guitars) and as a guest: Yalda Yazdani (Tar) from Esfahan/Berlin
DJ: Anna Neum (Moscow) 100% Contemporary Tango
Show/Performance: Saba Mahdavi & Jan Lachenmayer and Ciça Camargo & Pedram Shahyar
Moderation: Ehsan Djafari

Iranian Tango, really? Hm…. there is no «Iranian Tango» yet (we have Turkish, Finnish, Russian Tango with a tradition of over 100 years…..), but ….. there was an initial point in Berlin, when different Musicians and there different scales and musical material joined in Berlin after the festival «Female Voice of Iran»: In may 2019, the Iranian guitarist Mahan Mirarab, German percussionist Nora Thiele, and Argentine Bandoneonist Carlos Libedinsky, met in Berlin and started creating new music. Their cultural roots and experiences; along with musical improvisation as an expressive pillar, bring to audiences and dancers a captivating atmosphere, which evokes a colorful diversity of worldly and imaginary landscapes. They called this ensemble GeomeTrio, as a relationship between points, lines, angles, planes and figures.
Here is an invation from Ssba & Jan:
«The Persian side of this unique event expands even further – Brazilian Zouk teachers Jan and Saba will be combining their deep love and personal connection with Iran by performing with this wonderful live band. Using their strong ties of the country, the performance will be a merger between culture, language and dance. Performing alongside Pedram (last name) and Ciça Camargo, the dancers will demonstrate the beauty of crossing paths and embracing different lives, cultural backgrounds, philosophies and dance practices. The Central Station is the perfect hub to portray this message; of connecting, intertwining, adapting, and merging; of new beginnings igniting timeless memories.»

DJ Anna was DJ already last year during our Russian Tango night. She is an international very active DJ, learns, listens and gets inspired by all those places where she was invited to present her art.

Contemporary Tango Festival is dedicated to the global variety of Tango Argentino and the impact of this dance on all the international musicians, dancers, artists, performers who live and work in Berlin. You are also invited just to watch and enjoy the scene as a spectator.
Free entrance for all Milongas, concerts and the beginner classes.

Contemporary Tango Festival (20.-25.08.2019) is produced by Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, Mein Einkaufsbahnhof, DB Station&Service AG and KADMOS Produktion