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Existence [Kafka-Ⅱ] // 6 day Theater-Butoh experiment with 4RUDE

27/07/2020 a las 12:00 – 01/08/2020 a las 20:00
Mime Centrum Berlin
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlín
Existence [Kafka-Ⅱ] // 6 day Theater-Butoh experiment with 4RUDE @ Mime Centrum Berlin
!!! Additional Information !!!
There are some changes to the announced information due to COVID-19.
– There is no change in the schedule.
– Limited to first 6 people.
*More than 6 people, we can put you on the waiting list, in case someone cancels or regulations change.
– Under the current plan, the final performance (with the makeup, costumes, lighting and sound) will be held with no audience and will be open to the public on Internet after video recording.
– In keeping with Berlin’s Corona Regulations, we will keep a distance and pay attention to hygiene during the creation.

Please contact us if you are interested.

【Performance creation with 4RUDE】
Based on Novels by Franz Kafka

July 27th – August 1st at 12:00-18:00
(Showing on August 1st at 19:00)

Studio2 / Mime Centrum Berlin
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

During the creation you learn the Butoh method and also experience creating process of Theater-Butoh piece. The motif of the performance is the novels by Franz Kafka.
We need a high energy for this intensive work. It requires strong wills of the participants.

This creation will be based on «Butoh-fu («fu» means score in Japanese)». Butoh-fu has been transmitted orally by Tatsumi Hijikata. His choreographic method aims «to physicalize images through words,» and those words are called Butoh-fu. Every word of this notation has its own choreographic meaning for the performer. The mold of Butoh-fu is very strict, but there is also a lot of blank space entrusted to a dancer. Butoh-fu can provide a vast image for an artist. We will also build up strong bodies and voices by using the training based on Suzuki-Method Actor’s Training. You have to control strictly your own body in order to be free.

Language: German, English, Japanese
The text about Butoh-fu is available in English and German.

Maco and Hikaru Inagawa make a Theater-Butoh piece with the participants. That piece based on the novels by Franz Kafka.

Artistic Director: Hikaru Inagawa
Choreography: Maco and Hikaru Inagawa

Performances will be held at the last day.
August 1st 19:00

*No audience, Video recording for the webcasting

360€ Normal
330€ Early bird paid by 20/June/2020
270€ Person with the experience of «Absence» WS

The number of participants will be limited to first 6 people.
*More than 6 people, we can put you on the waiting list, in case someone cancels or regulations change.

Infos & Registration:

——–About 4RUDE——–
The Theater-Butoh company 4RUDE was founded by Hikaru Inagawa and Maco in 2005 in Tokyo and has created and performed numerous productions worldwide and has given lots of workshops ever since. 4RUDE is searching for an ideal form of expression and finds alternative ways in theatre, which lead to unique theatrical performances without words. Based on elements from theatre and Butoh they create distinct pieces, constructed from a body movement language that finds its source in the personal experiences of the performers. They have been developing their way of working and their vision for years and continue to do so, exploring the way into the deep and by doing so creating a unique language in modern theatre. The epicentre of 4RUDE’s work is Berln.
Recent works: “Das Leben eines Narren” (2019, Theater im Delphi, Berlin), “Schattentor” (2019, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin), “Lichtblitz” (2018, Theater im Delphi, Berlin)
Collaboration with: Theater Thikwa («ur. kunft» 2017, 2018, Berlin), Yuko Kaseki («CELLuLOID» 2015, Dock 11, Berlin), Yukio Waguri (”The Sick Prima Donna” in Kazuo Ohno Festival 2012, Yokohama) and more.

Workshop’s Arcive: