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Farafi Live at Schalet

28/08/2019 a las 20:00 – 22:00
Hermanstrasse 14
Farafi and Schalet
Farafi Live at Schalet @ Schalet


Hello Berlin Family! We invite you to Join us at the beautiful Schalet space in Neukolln for an evening of song and Dance!

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With this show we aim to create a more interactive , inclusive way of sharing music. Inviting you, the audience, to actively create with us as means to come together as a community and share the beautiful experience of singing and togetherness.

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Entry: Sliding scale 7 – 10 Euros


Farafi was born from a spirited meeting between Joy and Darlini and their love for African music. They cover traditional and contemporary songs from all over the African continent as well as their own composition based on the colours of Africa and beyond.

It is a project, which firstly focuses on vocal harmonies. They are composing their material in an array of different languages as well as their own lexicon of made up words. Their aim is always to the heart! To touch that place of universal understanding that resides in every human, creating Music that bypasses the mind and is more in tune with our emotional and spiritual bodies.