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Festa Junina Berlin #9: Brasiliens größtes Volksfest: 2019

10/08/2019 a las 12:00 – 11/08/2019 a las 04:00
Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2
12435 Berlín
Festa Junina Berlin
Festa Junina Berlin #9: Brasiliens größtes Volksfest: 2019 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

Brazil’s Largest Community Festival

Welcome to Festa Junina Berlin 2019, the 9th Berlin edition of Largest German Festival of Brazilian regional culture, music, and gastronomy.

Food Market ★ Brazilian Music ★ Forró (live) ★ Games ★ Folklore ★ Workshops

★Food market with all the typical Brazilian foods!
As feijoada, Coxinha, Pastel, Acarajé, Pão de Queijo, Caldo Verde, Tapioca, Empada, Açaí, Sacolé/Geladinho, Kibe, Churrasquinho, Pé de Moleque, Pudim de Leite, Bolo de Banana, Bolo de Fubá, Cocada, Paçoca, Churros, Brigadeiro, Canjica, Cuscus, Pé de Moleque, Beijinho, etc.

★ Games from 12h00 to 20h00 ★

What’s the Festa Junina Berlin?

Community – Celebration – Music – Folklore – Integration – Imagination – Myths – Harvest – Family – Dances – Food – Games – Colours – Dressing up – Countryside – Magic Spells – Innocence – Playfulness

The colours, the sounds, the taste, and the soul of Brazil. To the beat of the drum, protected by Saints and Orixás, Festa Junina Berlin 2018 brings you one more year of fun, music, tradition, and community love all the way from Brazil.

One of the most traditional Brazilian folkloric festivals celebrating Saints Anthony, John, and Peter with lots of traditional food, drinks, music, and a theatrical dance called «Quadrilha» – a type of square dance.

The Celebrations are very colourful. We decorate the party with paper lanterns and flags. Men dress up as farm boys with large straw hats, and women wear pigtails, freckles, painted gap teeth and red-checkered dresses, all in a loving tribute to the origins of Brazilian regional music. Like during Carnival, these festivities involve costume-wearing (in this case, peasant costumes), lots of dancing and fun games for the children.

Line Up
Live Music:

Afojubá Berlin –
Bate Forte Berlin –
Aja Brasil –
Forró Genau –

Line Up
Patrick Tor4:
Carlos Frevo:
Folly Ghost:

Present: Festa Junina Berlin l BOSSA FM
Media partner: Cosmo Radio l ASK HELMUT l Taz l XBerliner | Berlinda
Partner: Acerola Culture

Date: Saturday, Aug 10th
Time: From 12pm. to 04am.
Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg
Entry 5 euros (children up to 6 years old do not pay entry)

Instagram: @festajuninaberlin


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