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FilmArche Utopia Summer School 2019 | Breathing Images

24/08/2019 a las 18:00 – 26/08/2019 a las 18:00
Lahnstrasse 25
Utopia Summer School 2019


The times when the western white society had the exclusive access to cinema as a means of representing the world and telling stories have come to an end some decades ago. Since then “the Others” took the cameras and claimed this right for themselves and started to experiment with new narratives and aesthetics. New and inspiring perspectives and projects are being organized in different places of the world, multiplying images and defying mainstream cinema. filmArche and Draufsicht are building a space for connections and exchange between initiatives and filmmakers that may be located far apart, but that respond to the same challenge: How can we tell stories that contribute to the re-imagining of this world? How can we dispute the representation of the world and expand the horizons of the possible?

This year 25 filmmakers and activists from all over the world are coming to Berlin to work for two weeks on their personal film projects, exchange experiences and discuss the responsibility and possibilities of political films in a global context.

FilmArche Utopia Summer School 2019 | Breathing Images
Imagen: FilmArche
Imagen: FilmArche

Representation matters and is a subject of dispute, so Utopia Summer School brings together people and communities that are doing this: sex workers, activists for indigenous and human rights, self-organized schools and collectives from the global south. They all share their questions and answers to the challenge and dispute of self-representation.

Together with guests, the participants will examine the production of films from decolonial, queer and feminist perspectives question the structures in which film projects are realized in:

Which people and which bodies are presented in films? What alternative narratives exist and how can we think politically about the films that we want to do? What other ways of working in filmmaking can we imagine? What happens when we work in a collaborative way and experiment together? How can we bring life in the images that we produce?

These questions will be confronted by the workshops, but also during different public events, where everyone is welcome to join, discuss and re-think filmmaking together. This includes film screenings, panels, and open workshops.

Detailed information on the public events during the Summer School can be found on the Utopia Summer School 2019 Facebook page or on