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HAMBURGO: Hamburg Salsa Marathon 2019

26/12/2019 a las 22:00 – 01/01/2020 a las 05:00
Tangostudio el abrazo | Tamara Juhan | Tango Argentino in Hamburg
Beerenweg 1D
HAMBURGO: Hamburg Salsa Marathon 2019
Foto: Yasser Sokker

Yes, there will be a second edition of the Hamburg Salsa Marathon!!!

After the great success of our first edition we are very happy to announce that the HSM will go into a second round… This year our event ‚from dancer to dancer‘ will be even longer, bigger and it will finish with a beautiful new year’s eve party.

Again, we have 200 exclusive spots to allocate (100 leader and 100 follower). All together we‘ll give you the chance to dance dance and dance for 75 hours!!!!

What to expect?

Thursday, 26 December (10 pm – 3am)

HSM 2019:
From Friday, 27 December at 6 pm until Monday, 30 December at 6 pm (54 dance hours)

Monday, 30 December (10pm – 4 am)

NYE Party (not included in the HSM pass):
Tuesday, 31 December (7 pm – 5 am) with an open buffet

Where does it take place?

Like last year, the HSM will take place in the wonderful location el abrazo.

The pre-party, after-party and the new year’s eve party will be at the Billis Dance Studio (just across the street from the NH Hotel Altona, 100 meters away from the HSM venue)

How much does it cost?

The HSM full pass including pre-party, after-party and open buffet for brunch and dinner as well as midnight snacks and water, coffee & tea flatrate at the marathon will cost only € 150,-.

New year’s eve party including open buffet and a welcome as well as a midnight drink (sparkling wine) is separately bookable for € 60,- (HSM pass holders pay only € 50,-).

We will open the registration at 1 March 2019.


This year we have expanded our dj lineup for you!!! We look forward to the super music of:

Dmitri from Dubai
Shems from Tunis
Patrick from Geneva
Mo from Munich
Tuli from London
Mercedes from Hamburg
Rumbero from Karlsruhe
Martina from London and
Henrix from Beirut, the creator of the wonderful hits ‚shade of mambo‘ and ‚mambo & love‘, who will be for the first time on a big salsa event in Germany!

We are excited to see you on the dance floor…

Your HSM team