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HAMBURGO: Noches Flamencas by Cuadro Flamenco La Resaca

14/02/2020 a las 19:30 – 22:00
Tango Chocolate
Kirchenallee 25
20099 Hamburg
Dani Martí Gaspar. Photo Art.
Foto: Dani Martí Gaspar. Photo Art.


We are going to enjoy a wonderful and professional flamenco concert with el Cuadro Flamenco ‘La Resaca’. The dancers Iris Lange and Bruno have a lot of experience and they have a flamenco school ‘La Resaca’ since years in Hamburg-Harburg.

Iris and Bruno have already performed in several countries, theaters and cities like Berlin, Kiel, Mannheim, Brake and of course Hamburg and also where the flamenco was born in cities like Sevilla performing with big artists like Juan Polvillo, Pilar Ortega, Javier Leal, Cheito, Manuel Tane, Antonio Santiago and Natalia Marín and in Polen.


. Canto/vocals: Elva La Guardia.

. Baile/dancer: Iris Lange and Bruno.

. Guitarra/guitar player: Faín Sánchez Duenas from Madrid.

The singer Elva La Guardia has already several flamenco albums with her husband guitar player and componist Tom Hickstein where they are working in all over the world and they work also too with NDR-BigBand.

Olé!!!!!! 💃

VVK: 12€ (plus zzgl) AK: 15€

Online tickets: 12€ (plus tax)

At the doors: 15€