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Kiez Burn 2021 Kick-Off – Turning 2020 around!

13/12/2020 a las 18:00 – 20:00
Evento Online
Kiez Burn e.V.


Good day to thee, mighty Burners of Europa!
Who knows what summer 2021 will look like? NOBODY!
Who wants it to look bright and beautiful? EVERYONE!
So we would love to gather the like minded optimists of the Kiez Burn community (and beyond), to join us in trying to envision the possibility of some kind of a Kiez Burn 2021 event.
We have more questions than answers, but more curiosity than doubt. We have more uncertainty than suredness, but lots more love and will than fear.
So come join us for an online Zoom meeting to lay the foundations of what could become the highlight of 2021.
17:30-18:00 – Meet and greet chat room
18:00-19:00 – Presentation with the information we currently have, in regards to hosting an event in 2021
19:00-19:20 – Q&A
19:20-20:00 – Open Discussion (Potentially in Breakout rooms, # of attendees dependent)
There is a primary goal/outcome for the session. We are looking to recruit an Event Organization Team.
Effectively this group becomes the ‘container’ that holds our ‘decentralized’ event in place. We will share more info in the meeting.
But if you love being an integral part of making amazing things happen, and love opportunities to grow your leadership / organizational skill sets, start considering it now. This team is critical for the possibility of an event to happen 😉
We will be recording the entire discussion and sharing later, so if you can’t attend, but want to be involved, then no worries.
See you in 2 weeks shining Pegahorns and Witzards!
Last thing: Would anyone be up for being the Note-Taker? Comment below if you’re up for it.