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LatinArab w/ Ammar 808 عمّار‎,Victor Kiswell, AkizzBeatzz & more

07/12/2019 a las 23:00 – 08/12/2019 a las 06:00
YAAM Berlin
LatinArab, YAAM Berlin, Edna Martinez, Eck Echo, AkizzBeatzz, Shangl Hangl, AMMAR 808 عمّار
LatinArab w/ Ammar 808 عمّار‎,Victor Kiswell, AkizzBeatzz & more
Foto: YAAM Berlin


We’re more than happy to invite you to the 5th LatinArab night an unforgettable musical journey from Middle East to the Caribbean full of deep basslines, heavy rhythms & visuals at the Yaam jungle. Come and celebrate life, love & death till the Spree glistens in the Berlin morning sun…

AMMAR 808 عمّار
Maghreb future sounds.
produced and developed by the acclaimed Tunisian producer Sofyann Ben Youssef (Bargou 08, Kel Assouf) – takes you into the dark realms of North African futurism.
A musical world filled with magical creatures, an inevitable ultra low TR-808 bass and fiercely aggressive beats deeply mingled with the authentic sound of “Targ” (an old music style from North-Western Tunisia) in a futuristic visual atmosphere provided by Sia Rosenberg’s vjaying, that’s AMMAR 808, a compact version of AMMAR 808 & the Mahgreb United.

Victor Kiswell
Vinyl Treasures from the Latin Arab world.
Cult record dealer, compiler and dj. For more than 15 years Kiswell has been providing the most extraordinary cuts to producers such as Q-tip, Francois K, Andres, collectors and filmmakers. While he’s not in the quest of dusty crates in Egypt, Lebanon, India and Colombia he operates his online shop from his apartment in Paris. Victor is also a host of NTS radio show a Kiss in your Ear and documentary series Vinyl Bazaar

Nomågik (AkizzBeatzz)
Prince of Morocco sounds from the big city.
Nomågik aka AkizzBeatzz describes himself as a «World Music 2.0» representative and turning the spiritualities embedded in the heritage of north African culture into cuts designed for big sound systems. With echoes of Bonobo, Auntie Flo and flutters of Daniel Avery´s brand of machine funk, he makes music designed for the pitch back emptiness of the Saharan desert and his everlasting skies.

Qrichi (Eck Echo)
Mysterious sounds from Latin America.
Diego Hernandez aka Qrichi comes from Peru and is currently based in Berlin, where he chases after Eck Echo, the little god of the Andes with a secret bag of mysterious sounds from the depths of Latin America. Along his constant travels and exchanges, Qrichi has amassed a collection of records that narrate the bittersweet, often ecstatic episodes of remotes corners of the New World. Vintage sounds sublimely adapted to contemporary dancefloors.

Visuals by JO TA
video jocker from Bolivia, interdisciplinary artist whit focus on video screening who works around the world.

Hosted by:

LatinArab live /Colombia /Palestine /Berlin
Edna Martinez (Dj) + Romeo Natur (Percussionist)
melting pot of Oriental, Tropical, Afro- Caribbean and Arabic Rythyhms.