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Live Concert : Instrumental Concert with two Guitars

20/11/2020 a las 19:00 – 20:00
Evento Online
Book a Street Artist and G2 - Gitarren Duo


**Streaming from Hachenburg, Germany**
Our Show is a mixture of a classic, but unusual choice of (standard)-Songs. There are already a lot of instrumental duos, which play the usual stuff an they play it at a high level. We had the idea, to mix some of the most various songs, styles and playings and try to put them in a medley, that nobody can think of it. Sometimes in a funny, kidding way of ourselves. We try to take some mandatory pieces, but that is not the main part. For example we freel to «translate» a brass-instrument song and try to emulate it with our two guitars. Enjoy an refreshing way to use the guitar on a further possibility.
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This live stream is part of our current series of BASA LIVE STREAMS. Since we cannot go to events right now, we decided to bring the artists to you instead! Streaming from places like Brussels, Lisbon, New York and Berlin, a variety of musicians, performers and visual artists are offering donation-based live streams through our platform.
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