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Manage stress and burnout

12/03/2021 a las 18:00 – 14/03/2021 a las 19:00
Evento Online
Peace Revolution, Manuela Manu


Practice meditation & mindfulness with a Thai monk and certified instructors for a weekend online retreat 🧘‍♀️🧘
👉 When?
March 12- 14 2021 Friday+full weekend Berlin time
This event is for you if you:
✔️ are ready to practice meditation & mindfulness with a real Buddhist monk from the comfort of your own home
✔️ want to create confidence and peace inside yourself, no matter what the outer circumstances are
✔️ are open to the practice of meditation
✔️ are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and create a stress-free life
✔️ can block out time and space to only connect with yourself during the weekend of 12- 14 March
Suitable for all levels. If you practice meditation and personal development or have never practiced, you are welcome to join.
This weekend online retreat will change your life if you follow the guidelines and join all the practices. You will:
🔸 relax into peace and confidence.
🔸 learn new tools on how to be balanced in any life situation and – create the habits for self-care
🔸 let go of stress and burnout
🔸 learn to predict stress coming and prevent the consequences.
🔸 know how to step out of feeling stuck and initiate positive change
🔸 connect with the community of people with similar mindsets
👉 What you need to take part:
✔️ A quiet space at home/hotel, where no one can disturb your practice
✔️ High-speed internet connection to take part in live online sessions
✔️ Zoom app installed on your device and a Facebook account
✔️ Comfortable clothes to practice yoga and qigong
✔️ Meditation seat/ chair or yoga mat to practice sitting meditation
✔️ Notebook and pen
👉 Trainers
You will learn from 5 meditation trainers with years of experience from different parts of the world: LP Pasura Dantamano, Kateryna Kulyk, Manuela Puscas, Dora Preszeller, Lauren Schuivens
👉LP Pasura, a.k.a Monk Pasura who once was hotel manager, flight attendant and a DJ, has chosen the life of Theravada monk since 2006. Before becoming a monk, he studied humanities at Ramkhamhaeng University. He has traveled extensively both as a monk and a layperson. He organized several dozens of ceremonies and events in many countries such as Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and etc. whereas up to 20,000 people attending. He serves as chief of the international relations division of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple and Vice President of World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY). He represented his organization and spoke in many Buddhist and non-Buddhist conferences held in many countries. He also conducted more than 1,000 meditation workshops, courses and retreats in more than 50 countries to people with diverse backgrounds of beliefs.
👉 All funds collected go to supporting Peace Revolution Project
👉Get extra 30 USD discount if you have completed the 42-day online self-development program
👉Bring a friend and get 30 mins free coaching with one of our trainers.