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Marx-Herbstschule: Die Natur des Kapitals – Ökologie bei Marx


The Nature of Capital – Ecology in Marx
Attention: Marx Autumn School this year only online!
The 13th Marx Autumn School deals with the question of what Marx’s critique of capitalism means for the ecological question.
We start with Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscript from 1844 in which he already deals with the dialectical relationship between man and nature. The focus, however, will be on his Critique of Political Economy, in which Marx elaborates the appropriation of nature as material and resource for capital, the human nature of workers, the increase in productive power through natural science, the destruction of nature and the effects of capitalist accumulation on nature in general. In addition, in the year of Engels’ 200th birthday, his Dialectic of Nature will also be included – a script that is quite relevant to our topic.
The supporting program of this year’s Marx Autumn School also aims at the interface between the capitalist mode of production and the nature of the human. Having introduced the topic and the selected texts live on Friday night, it is our pleasure to have Mike Davis as a speaker on Saturday night. He is a sociologist and historian from L.A., who wrote the book of our time The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu in 2005. He predicted the devastating effects that the convergence of the capitalist (re) structuring of the health system with the capitalist conquest of nature and the animal kingdom would have.
On Sunday we would like to discuss the current struggles within the health system and, in particular, their international dimension.
The entire Marx Autumn School will be bilingual: All lectures and discussions will be translated simultaneously (German / English), and there will also be a working group in English.
Our teamers are: Dimitra Alifieraki, Ozeni Athanasiadou, Valeria Bruschi, Anneli Echterhoff, Christian Frings, Ehrenfried Galander, Thomas Gehrig, Tatjana Gossen, Christian Meyer, Nadja Rakowitz, Bafta Sarbo, Jenny Simon, Christian Schmidt, Matthias Ubl, Christopher Wimmer
Friday, 23 October 2020
5 pm: Greetings and Introduction
Nature of Capital – Ecology in Marx`Critic. An Introduction Online
in Sujet and Reader: Ehrenfried Galander und Tatjana Gossen
(In German with simultaneous translation into English)
6:30-9 pm: Working Groups Digital begin
Saturday, 24 October 2020
10-12 am and 2-5 pm: Working Groups Digital continue
8-10 pm: Evening event – Online Lecture
Mike Davis: Capitalism’s Nature
(in Englisch with simultaneous translation into German)
Sunday, 25 October 2020
12-2 pm: Online Discussion
Collaps of the Health Care System
With Health Care Workers from New York, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki und Frankfurt/M.
Moderation: Nadja Rakowitz
(in English with simultaneous translation into German)
Registration is necessary, please register using this online form:
The Marx Autumn School is a colaboration by Helle Panke e.V., Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berliner Verein zur Förderung der MEGA e.V., T.O.P. B3rlin and the …umsGanze! Alliance.
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