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On the Rocks | A Sofia Coppola Film

05/10/2020 a las 19:30 – 21:15
On the Rocks | A Sofia Coppola Film @ BABYLON
Back inside the historic BABYLON, Mobile Kino presents:
On the Rocks | A Sofia Coppola Film
(English with German Subtitles)
Fans of 2003’s Lost In Translation should be excited to see the return of the working partnership of Director Sofia Coppola and comedy legend Bill Murray in On the Rocks.
No longer exploring themes of isolation and existentialism, On the Rocks is the more light-hearted story of a young New York mother (Rashida Jones) faced with suddenly having doubts about her marriage teams up with her larger-than-life playboy father (Bill Murray) to break the news to her husband. What follows is a sparkling comic adventure across the city – bringing father and daughter closer together despite one detour after another.
Acclaimed filmmaker Sofia Coppola brings a light touch to this blend of an exuberant love letter to New York, a generation-clash comedy about how we see relationships differently from our parents, and a funny celebration of the complications that bind modern families even as they drive us crazy.
Venue: BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin
– 2. October 2020, 20:00 (Kino2 – 8€)
– 3. October 2020, 19:30 (Kino1 – 9€)
– 4. October 2020, 20:00 (Kino1 – 9€)
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– 7. October 2020, 20:00 (Kino2 – 8€)
Promoter: Fernando Huerta