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Opening // Andrés Denegri – Frame by Frame

14/11/2019 a las 17:00 – 21:00
pin Kastanienallee 12, 10435 Berlin, Deutschland
Opening // Andrés Denegri - Frame by Frame @ pin Kastanienallee 12, 10435 Berlin, Deutschland

Opening // Andrés Denegri – Frame by Frame



Andrés Denegri – Frame by Frame

November 14, 2019
5-9 pm

Kastanienallee 12, 10435 Berlin
(Ex-Galerie Kurt im Hirsch)

Plattform #1 Edition
Pop-up exhibitions and temporary gastronomic experiences

After his solo show at Paris Photo art fair, the argentine artist Andrés Denegri will set foot in Berlin to present for the very first time Diarios Cuadro a Cuadro(diaries frame by frame), a series of films in super 8 entirely edited on camera that has been on developing for more than ten years.

«The making of each of these pieces is usually spontaneous; they arise from the encounter with the exceptional in everyday life. They are personal notes, a dislocated memory.»

The evolution of Andrés Denegri’s work has led him to extend his initial practice of video art and experimental cinema to installation formats that incorporate the location, making it play a role in creating a particularity in each exhibition and transform every time.

The reproduction device itself, the film reel, the projected image and the text on paper form a unit that exceeds the sum of its parts; they are hybrid mechanisms that occupy the exhibition space and make use of the materiality of their elements to produce flashes of meaning that lighten up a new vision in the search to reconstruct national and personal identities, soaked in context.

Denegri´s 16mm and video projections will expand these works on walls and ceilings, decentralizing the sight and blurring architectural contours.

The exhibition culminates with a Dinner, live cooking Frame by frame, an experience developed by our chef Javier Carrillo – adding an exquisite surprise factor.



Foto: Fb Cover Event Opening // Andrés Denegri – Frame by Frame


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