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Opening Exhibition / Stories about Films by Muriel Gallardo Weinstein

30/11/2021 a las 18:00 – 19:00
Boppstr 2
10967 Kreuzberg Berlin
Kastanien Berlin Studio


Muriel Gallardo Weinstein is a Chilean-Italian interdisciplinary artist born in Chile and based in Berlin. She has completed two MA, Textile and Surface Design at the Weißensee University of Berlin (DE) and an MA in Fine Arts at the University of Chile (CL). She obtained her BA in Fine Arts at the Finis Terrae University (CL).
The artsist has successfully participated in international residency programs including at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, GlogauAIR in Berlin, and Fundación Arte Block in Chile.
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In recent years she has focused her artistic work on the exploration of textile art and installation, however, in her work she also explores other media and materials, combining mainly elements and objects taken from the different contexts in which she finds herself, with the aim of raising questions about our perception of reality. For this reason, the artist has developed interdisciplinary art and science projects in collaboration with philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists, mainly from the Humboldt University.
The artist has an active international career, focused on recent years in Europe. She currently works and lives in Berlin.
The dimensions of art are human dimensions in interaction with the environment and the elements that build it. They generate echoes in the memory creating diverse and powerful scenarios that bounce in time in a diachronic way. «Stories about films» is a meeting of arts, times and technologies. It is the construction of reality from the perspective of the collective.
Alejandra Atalah / Curator
This work is the result of a multidisciplinary theoretical-practical research on the construction of reality from arts. In it the artist creates an encounter between the visual arts and cinema, symbolically materializing the aesthetics, technique and history of the latter to then move from one format to another, characteristic elements of key moments in its history. In this process the artist creates figurative images that reinforce the notion of perpetuity in the subject-space-object link in the reproduction of culture and artistic creation and, appropriating meanings, dynamics and narratives, she builds installations that assume a role as a portal between cinema and visual arts.
The choice of the paper cutting technique is inspired by the cut list or negative cut list of the old analog film post-production techniques, where this procedure represented both a labor characteristic of a technological stage, as well as a job assigned mostly to women. This last point is a nexus in which the artist addresses the female role in the history of cinema.
In this work, paper and light dialogue with the technical memory of cinema and its cultural elements in a world in constant technological and social change.