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Overmorrow / Halloween special OVERHORROR

30/10/2020 a las 14:30 – 22:00
Salon - Zur wilden Renate
Salon - Zur wilden Renate, Overmorrow Berlin, Bad Bruises


OVERMORROW IS BACK for an extra special Halloween edition … OVERHORROR!
What could be scarier than finding an apartment in Berlin?
The great Family Morrow has a room available in their dilapidated mansion, and you’re invited to come for a flat viewing and to get a tour of the place. A warning: the other housemates (some living, others not) are not so pleased with new arrivals, and will do whatever it takes to keep you from renting a place at The Morrow Manor House…
Enquire Within.
Inside, you will meet the other residents: the Addams Family but queer, the Munsters with a kink, and Rocky Horror on steroids. Intrigued yet?
Anmeldung is possible.
We will be bringing you new performances! New installations! New surprises!
OverHorror is a new immersive walkthrough performance & art experience at Wilde Renate. Over 100 artists from a wide variety of art-collectives like Bad Bruises and TrashEra have created this spookalicious experience.
Since our conception in July we have successfully paid and employed 100s of artists during this turbulent time. This exhibition has been an important life line for so many and we THANK YOU! For all your support, each ticket sale goes directly to the project and artists. This truly has kept your scene alive.
Here’s what you need to know about your visit:
– 2 tickets on sale each slot, the total journey is 1h+ long
– Bring a mask or similar to cover your mouth and nose
– If you feel unwell, stay home
– Keeping 1.5 meter distance will be required at all times
– Only visitors of 18 years and older are accepted
– We will be using strobe lighting and some material may be triggering for some types of epilepsy
– Comfortable footwear is recommended
– Sadly not wheelchair friendly venue
– Not advised for those with severe claustrophobia
– Themes and content are ADULT and may be triggering as this is an artists space and platform for their own expression. If you have any traumas please contact us before and we can advise you of the content that may be in the exhibition on that time slot 🙂
Overmorrow will occupy most of Wilde Renate – from the basement to the second floor, everything filled with art-installations, stages and performances.