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Partners in Power: Building D/s Dynamics

In the face of pre-existing myths, ideas, and examples that can be very rigid on how D/s «should» look and be done, what does it look like to cultivate D/s dynamics that allow for evolution and reflect our own authentic desires? How do we build D/s dynamics that are consensual and accountable in ongoing ways?
This workshop offers practical processes participants can apply towards building their own personalized D/s dynamics. We will approach this work from a place of self-acceptance & adaptability, knowing there is no «one true way» to do D/s & that our bodies are sources of information we can trust, even when our relationships with our bodies are complicated!
Hannah is a leatherdyke, somatics practitioner & facilitator who lives as a settler on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories colonially known as Montréal. She’s white, cis, neuroweird, and deeply obsessed with radical queer lineages of desire & power as vectors of liberatory practice that unravel shame to reweave resilient kinship webs.
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25 Euro – Regular Ticket
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