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Pop-Up Art Exhibition 1


The Ballery Berlin, is pleased to announce Pop-Up Art Season 2020 – a series of four short exhibitions in August.

Every Saturday in August, we open a new exhibition that lasts just 5 days. We present artists with various backgrounds, established as well as emerging artists, united in calling Berlin home. Each artist is invited to show one work or a small series. Together, they form a portrait of Berlin’s vibrant art scene: an excellent summer opportunity to «speed date» the art world. The dynamic tempo of four exhibitions within one month will fill August with as much art experience and energy as one can imagine.

We spice the exhibitions up with additional events, for example Our first Pop-Up Fashion Store with designer Don Aretino, which will open the opening of the first exhibition on August 1st. We are looking forward to broaden our and our visitors’ vision of local art: most of the artists who are taking part in the Pop-Up exhibitions have never exhibited at The Ballery before.

Exhibition 1 artists:

Qeas Pirzad
Tom Eyza
Daniela Torres
Tina Dubrovsky
Don Aretino
Ana Bathe

Exhibition 1
Exhibition 2
Exhibition 3
Exhibition 4