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Profitraining with Felipe Fizkal

11/01/2021 a las 11:00 – 12:00
PopUp Dance Studio
Spandauer Damm 52
14059 Berlin
PopUp Dance Studio

We start our first Profitraining with Felipe Fizkal, one of our artists in the lockdown residency project
About the Training:
“The Practice” Is a mix of Laban-Bartenieff tools and improvisation, release, acrobatics and martial principles. Where we play with different activities like guided improvisations, functional training for dancers and choreographic material going through the floor, medium and high levels getting the understanding of different body part as supports and coordinations of our phicality.
We start with a warm up that allows us to recognize the different patterns of the movement: push, yield, reach, bring, in a space of improvisation trying out the different levels low, medium and high space, a work of conscience for the supports, then also combining exercises of the martial arts like kicks, combos; acrobatics, balance on hands and some movements of the capoeira practice. We develop a continuous and functional training, where muscular intelligence, coordination, memory and fine motor skills are challenged.
Finally we worked on choreographic material with aspects of release technique, martial movements and features of the work on «isolating actions» «understanding directions from the hands». Closing with a strong continuous repetition of these materials to dance and find aspects about interpretation and intention.
About Felipe:
Felipe Fizkal, dancer and choreographer from Chile, received his Bachelor in Dance from the Chilean University. In 2011 he founded his own independent dance company «creativo Beso negro» 2011-2016, «Felipe Fizkal Dance Company» since 2016, for which he developed various dance projects such as «corvus corax» 2011, «Para que las perras ladren» 2013, «Airuyai» 2016, «Extincion» 2016-2017, «Los guerreros del hambre» 2018. Since 2014 he has been teaching as assistant in the BA programme at the University of Chile and for various teachers in national and international contexts such as Alena Arce (Chile/Brazil), Kenan Dinkelmann (Germany), Kitty Kings Dance Company (Switzerland). His main interest in teaching lies between the understanding of technique and interpretation and experimentation. Felipe has been working as a freelance artist based in Berlin since 2018.
please note, that you need to fill a form before the training, which states, that you are a professional dancer, who earns their living predominantly, i.e. usually with more than 50 %, with dance.
We are super happy and thankful that the training can be possible and our beautiful hall can welcome berlin´s dancers!
The fee of the training is 7,-
Please register beforehand through messenger or through
We have limited spots!