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Raíces-Rotas EP // LaLove’s Kitchen: Latin-Midweek Drama Recipes

11/03/2020 a las 19:00 – 22:00
LaLove and Sari-Sari
Raíces-Rotas EP // LaLove's Kitchen: Latin-Midweek Drama Recipes
Foto: Vanessa Marino


+++ We serve up Full Course Menúx of Roots-Oriented Entrees, Main Dish, Dessert + Digestive, along the way with locally made Beers and picosxs House Drinks.

+++ Please Notice: our Full Course Menúx is settled for approx. 35 people. You can make reservations in advance and check in for dinner by clicking on “Reserve your spot” in the Event Header.

+++ Our doors are opened for access to spontaneous fellow guests.

+++ The Performance unfolds spontaneously from Co-Cooking Rituals to Latin-Fashion Dining Fest, including Live Musical and Spoken-Word Acts, as well as Heart-and-Body Warming Music and Freewheeling Dance Sessions.

Lalo Gomes Gomes aka LaLove and his collaborative team La❤️’s Kitchen create a total Latino experience that celebrate aspects, forms and expressions of Drama, from its wide-range Latinx contexts.

The work manifests in-situ through dining-performance and affective-physical recipes.
They called it a micro latin-gard territory, a cross-cultural cookfire forum, a real-time healing justice encounter.

Since they began to work together in 2019, La❤️’s Kitchen team have been on to mount seven performances during two seasons, being part of the special house program of Sari-Sari and a sister project of Nowhere Kitchen. MORE IN DETAILS


The forthcoming episode, entitled Raíces-Rotas», is about what everyone was waiting for: La❤️’s Kitchen goes Brazilian! featuring special guest, the moderately acclaimed performance artist, Pêdra Costa. A dramatically unconventional evening looking for common roots, missing identities and parallel disasters. For all those who know whay we mean, forget it; such mix is not imagine!

«La❤️’s Kitchen: Raíces Rotas EP» is curated, organized and directed by: Lalo Gomes. Co-host: Yaknel Elorza (Harriet Charles). Cook chief: Emilio Cordero. Artist-Cook-Guest: Pêdra Costa. With the special musical company of: Eurico Ferreira Mathias.

Event Photo: Vanessa Marino.