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Reema Vinyl Release Concert

14/02/2020 a las 19:00 – 22:00
Dircksenstr. 40
Foto: Reema


To pre-book tickets please send an email to:

Berlin based singer-­songwriter, Reema, creates bitter-­sweet, delicate folk songs with lyrics that explore being human. Her themes run through self-­esteem and learning to enjoy others greatness to coping with loss to the importance of kindness. Her deeply personal concerts are all about communicating with her audience, sharing stories and often tears.

Reema has a hand-­made approach, not only to her music, but also in her artwork and stage clothing printed from her paintings of animals, plants and swirling patterns. She has worked with great producers like Stephen Street And Ethan Johns and has written songs for film ‘Love Rosie’ and the ‘Twilight Eclipse’ soundtrack.

Her first release was a live, analogue and computer­‐free vinyl record, “The LowSwing Sessions” from 2017 which was highly praised and was featured in many “Best of 2017” lists by blogs and magazines like “Vinyl Magazin”. The record sold out quickly and now she is celebrating the release of her second live vinyl record, «Memories Fade To Tape», on 14th February at B-Flat, Berlin.

Recorded completely computer free over three magical sessions, The album’s dark, captivating sound is warm yet direct as Reema’s ethereal, emotional vocals and guitar playing are accompanied by small ensembles most noticeably a classical wind quintet arranged by Guy Sternberg. This extremely delicate setting is captured using tape and has stayed analogue all the way to the vinyl itself.

The artwork for the vinyl was hand drawn, painted and collaged by Reema with the same hand-made love that went into the music. The paintings reflect the delicate arrangements and the hand-written text keeps the human element going right down to the credits.

LowSwing Records is a record label dedicated to the love of music on the analogue format. All LowSwing recordings are recorded and mixed to analogue tape, and then cut directly to vinyl.The heart of the label is LowSwing Recording Studio in Berlin (, where owner Guy Sternberg records, mixes and produces exciting new artists with the production values of yesteryear.



“There’s an ethereal quality to her low mellifluous vocals which blend beautifully with cyclical guitar patterns and dreamy jazz lines on this song.”
(Folk Radio UK)

“…honest, brave, and utterly, utterly beautiful…”

(The Vinyl District)

“Reema’s vocals are flawless on “Killer,” but we love the unpolished feel, hearing the consonants being formed and breaths the microphones pick up. Reema bares her soul, just her and the guitar, pouring her heart out.” (Get It On Vinyl)