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Berlin UnRehearsed Musicals: Rocky Horror Picture Show

06/10/2019 a las 10:00 – 17:00
Friedbergstr. 23
14057 Charlottenburg
Berlin UnRehearsed
Berlin UnRehearsed Musicals: Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Musikplus

*** News ***
Sign up is now open:

*** About ***

…in honour of Halloween month.

A little reminder of what we do: we pick a musical with plenty of notice, and anyone can sign up. Then we come together and sing through the whole musical in 1 day in a relaxed setting, unrehearsed and unperformed.

Solo roles: There are several parts and roles available, and you can sign up to sing in one of the the solo roles/parts that are available. Roles will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Links to the Sign-up form will be on the meetup group or sent to your email addresses if we have them.

Of course if you want to only sing in the chorus, that is also GREAT!

– Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, Baritone
– Janet Weiss, Mezzo-Soprano
– Brad Majors, Tenor, Baritone
– Riff Raff, Tenor
– Magenta, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
– Columbia, Mezzo-Soprano
– Rocky Horror, Tenor
– Eddie, Baritone
– Dr. Everett Scott, Baritone
– Phantoms / Transylvanians, Ensemble (SATB)

Keep your eye out for the sign-up. Sign up for roles will open Wednesday 4 September at 10am….it is now open!, go sign up here:

A note about casting: we practice gender blind casting. So you can sign up to whichever role you wish as long as you feel that it is suitable for your voice!

Now for this show, you really cannot do it without some kind of costuming! So start planning now…(💅🏽🤔 now… where did I put my fishnets…)

We ask that you contribute €10 to cover the costs of running the event. Once you’ve signed up, we will be in touch with the rest of the details. Please note, if you cancel less than a week before the singing date, you will still be asked to pay for the fee.



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