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Soneiro Singing Circles | Mantras & Medicine Songs

08/07/2020 a las 18:30 – 20:30
Evento Online
Soneiro Singing Circles | Mantras & Medicine Songs @ Evento Online

Music is a powerful tool that allows us to connect to ourselves and each other. It is something we all can feel and resonate with. Like a prayer with melody but without religion.
After so much time apart, we feel the calling to create community and share in the music.

We will come together to sing and share medicine songs and mantras that guided us through the past weeks. We are so looking forward to share this with you now! We invite you to join us under the trees of a Park, where we will sing together in nature.
Find us from 6.30pm on at the location
We start at: 7pm
We finish around: 9pm
Try to be on time, so we can open the circle together

***JOIN US***
If you want to join, click on the ticket link, fill out the form and we will put you on the list and send you the exact location pin.

Ticket Link :

All are welcome, musicians same as people who are simply interested. No experience is required.
Bring a blanket, water, a donation and if you feel the calling to bring an instrument that you play, feel free.

This will be the first gathering, a seed that we plant together with you as we want to watch it grow into a singing community that gathers regularly.

Listen to some of our music on Soundcloud:

or on Spotify to get ready:

We look forward to meeting you and resonating together.
Temple, Alisa, Caroline and Gerdus ♥