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Spritz & Italian Food Night Festival

09/08/2019 a las 16:00 – 10/08/2019 a las 05:00
Osthafen Berlin
Alt-Stralau 1-2
10245 BerlĂ­n
Berlino Magazine
Spritz & Italian Food Night Festival @ Osthafen Berlin

Spritz & Italian Food Night Festival – every Spritz 3,50 €

📣The Italian Street Food Festival 2019 has been a blast, that’s why we are replicating with another, even greater event! 📣
For one day only, a night festival dedicated to the Spritz đŸč and the True Italian food. Different and fancy declinations of the popular Aperol Spritz cocktail đŸč, and of course some of the best Italian food institutions in town are gonna take you throughout the night 🍕đŸ„ȘđŸ€đŸ
Are you ready for one of the most original and magical night of this Berlin Summer? đŸ˜ŽđŸ€©


☀ 16-22 h ☀
Open air party on the beach with every Spritz at 3,50 € and amazing Italian street food

đŸŽ” Line-up đŸŽ”
16-19 h: Michele Barox (Italo Disco)
19-22 h: Dj MayorĂ  aka Alex Maiorano (Funky & Soul)

🌙 22-5 h 🌙
Funky Summer party (indoor) and, again, amazing Italian street food (till midnight)

House Party – DJ set by RBL Berlin
đŸŽ” Line-up đŸŽ”
22-01 h: Whatafunk (RBL Berlin)
01-05 h: Oh Boy(RBL Berlin / Funky Espresso) + JackJei (RBL Berlin / HPC)

Entrance: 3€