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Stand-Up Vs Improv – Online Edition

05/06/2020 a las 20:30 – 21:30
Online Event
Caroline Clifford Comedy, Virtual Classics, Comedy Café Berlin
Foto: Caroline Clifford Comedy‎


Ever heard of Setlist? Off The Cuff? Well never mind. 9 awesome comedians from the world of Improv and Stand-Up will perform live improvised stand-up comedy.

Topics they have never seen before will appear before them and they have to act as if it’s all part of their pre-prepared «tight 5». It’s a mad show where anything can happen. Expect belly-laughs and extreme bombing, watch these comics squirm 😀

We’ll be live streaming it on YouTube

In this special online edition we’re lucky enough to be joined by performers from all around the world!

This months contestants:

Lee White
Summer Banks of Drunk Classics: Berlin
Rohit Bhatia Comedy
Anja Woot
Allie Huff
Matilde Keizer

With your hosts Antonia Bär Comedy and Caroline Clifford Comedy + the special technical wizardry of Summer Banks

The livestream is free but we encourage you to donate to the theater and help us stay alive!


Show time: 8.30pm

In partnership with Berlin English Improv Network and Comedy in English Berlin

Interested in taking comedy classes? Check out The CCB Training School and Berlin Stand Up School