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Aire libre: Sternschnuppennacht 2019

10/08/2019 a las 09:00 – 11/08/2019 a las 06:00
Lokale OpenAirs Berlin
Aire libre: Sternschnuppennacht 2019

Aire libre: Sternschnuppennacht 2019

🌠 Starry Night 2019 🌠 Perseiden Schauer 2019 – Falling Stars Open Air & Club


In August, Perseus rains falling stars on the ground again. The Perseids burn off a cosmic fireworks in the night sky in mid-August. In the night of the 10th to the 11th of August, we will watch and celebrate with you the starry night.
It should be particularly worthwhile between 2 and 4 o’clock in the morning to direct the view to the sky.

Perseiden Schauer 2019 – Rooftop party with a view over Berlin.
Celebrate with us a warm summer night, with club, loft, rooftop and falling stars.


Line Up. HipHop
DJ Urban O
Kid Pre
DJ Rokit
DJ Force
DJ Reaf

Line Up. House
DJ Mekzim

✰ Sternschnuppennacht 2019
✰ music: HipHop vs House
✰ Club, Loft & Rooftop
✰ ROOFTOP mit Blick ĂŒber ganz Berlin