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sunday slow flow – easy yoga online

22/08/2021 a las 09:00 – 10:00
Evento Online
Yoga with Juju


Use this link to join, the password to the zoom is in the link! ->
✨ what is sunday slow flow? ✨
Sunday slow flow is yoga that is easy on your body. it might be exactly what your body needs!
if you’ve never done yoga before, you’ll do great. in case you’re a pro yogi, the class is based on Hatha and is designed to explore ease, fluidity and mobility with the movements that may help you in your workouts and everyday life.
✨ why should you come? ✨
a lot of my students tell me they never thought yoga was for them, but since all of my movements are easy on the body and easy to learn, they learn they are great yogis!
yoga is great because it gives you
🤫 a quieter mind
🛀 relaxed body
😌 greater self-awareness
🧠 a calm nervous system
💤 better sleep
💩 improved breathing and digestion
and it’s a great way to see some people moving during quarantine 🙂
✨ what does it cost? ✨
sunday slow flow is donation based. everyone should have access to yoga, so i don’t want cost to get in the way. if you appreciate the classes, im very very grateful for your donations (its how i make my living!)
the links to the class and to donate are at
looking forward to seeing you!