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Taller de escritura: Weather Writing

05/08/2019 a las 17:00 – 21:00
Floating University
10965 Berlín
Floating University & Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology
Taller de escritura: Weather Writing @ Floating University

Weather Writing: The weather has always affected us. We become with weather: S.A.D. due to dark and cold winters, tanned from trips to the beach, cancerous from taking too much sun. But we do not all weather equally. As feminist philosopher Astrida Neimanis reminds us: “even though we’re all in the same planetary boat when it comes to global warming, we’re not all in it in the same way… Climate change is undoubtedly political – but all the more so because of these uneven individual and collective experiences of the weather.” To build embodied cognition allows us to imagine the many lives and worlds of this – our – endangered planet, to weather together across human and more-than-human lines.

Originally developed by Neimanis and further reworked by author Ida Marie Hede and the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, weathering as a practice borrows methods from écriture feminine, eco feminism and posthuman theory, inviting participants to write their weathered bodies in order to develop a more dense understanding of the co-constitutions of human and climactic natures. Participants will stimulate meteorological imaginaries and understanding of human-weather interrelations by asking: Where is the weather? What does the weather remember? What does it forget? Together participants will investigate how attuning to the weather allows us to relate sustainably and ethically to the objects and systems around us.

The workshop is open to everyone no matter their experience and previous writing practice and will be a combination of dialogue, writing and sharing – please be prepared to write and share writing with the group. Each participant will be sent a selection of shorter texts to read in preparation for the workshop. Although the workshop will be held in English, all are welcome to write in any language.

Also, please note that parts of the workshop will take place outdoors no matter the weather, so please dress appropriately!

Entry to the site is free but we encourage donations of any amount in solidarity.

Miriam Wistreich’s work revolves around bodies and subjectivity, both human and non-human, and the systems through which they come to matter. In the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, she works with water, weather, technologies and critiques of capital, as well as being ada-mant in thinking about labour, overproduction and the sustainability of cultural practices within cultures of exploitation. Wistreich holds a BA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen and an MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths.

This event is part of «Climate Care – A Curriculum for Urban Practice», August 1-10. Entry to the site is free but we encourage donations in solidarity.

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