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Techno dance therapy at the Victoriapark

09/10/2020 a las 18:00 – 20:00
Regina LoMi y LoMío
Techno dance therapy at the Victoriapark @ Viktoriapark
Who said that club culture was dead? Due to Corona? Certainly not me. In times of the Corona-lockdown we are faced with having no better location choice than the park, should we dance regularly as we did before. However, somehow there is no better place than the open-air nature for an effective and memorable dance session. Please, read the whole description consciously!
Important: The sessions will continue till the end of October!!!.
Information to all my previous, current, and future customers: 1) Please, beware we dance on grass-less soil and therefore you should dance barefoot or bring darkish training shoes!!, 2) We will try again to have our session till 20:30 in the Basketball field at the side of the Cross monument but if there is trouble with the police and/or the surrounding neighbors we would have to move the session to the Katzbachstraße side of the Viktoriapark (not far from the street, less than 300m-long area of the park), 3) For your info: I have now purchased enough light-devices to keep us illuminated after the sunset!! Care about you all!
Please, don’t be too afraid of the possible rain since it would take a bit more than usually expected for me to cancel event dates. Provided it is not like a dangerous storm I still would play and we will dance under the rain as we got water-proof equipment. Our dance therapy sessions are intended for anyone interested in incorporating rhythmical prowess to their dance and body function. It is a ritual!
Dancing can be much more than just movements and this is the underlying essence of dance motion therapy (DMT) where we aim at reaching a level of consciousness in our dancing which would have positive effects on our physical as well as mental wellbeing, also possibly dealing with the spiritual connotations of dancing individually and together as a group. Since the past 40 years a new (though not so out-of-the-blue) dance-friendly music has emerged: electronic dance music. From the very Afro American house of Chicago or Techno of Detroit to the European post-industrial Techno pioneers of Dusseldorf, Manchester, and Berlin the behavioral revolution had to be danced! One aspect of most dance-friendly electronic music is the (poly)ryhthmic command of it, its beat, the repetitive and at times deliberately psychedelic effect on our minds. In this Techno therapy we will exploit this ritual-prone kind of music which has a lot in common with the most cherished ancient ritual music from all over the world. In fact, our modern Techno/Electro/House have probably evolved from those ancient rites in which music is intended to make you dance „for yourself“, for your spirit and for your own beliefs. And, of course, for your own personal relationship with your body.
Blended in the lessons without a particular sequence, we will dance to the following music styles: House (Classical, Acid, Italian, Afro), Techno (old-school, current), Minimal, some Ambient, Industrial, some Drum&Base, some Ethno(Techno), Trance, diverse meditative and ritual(ish) electronic music
Level: all levels (beginners and experienced dancers), always open
Frequency: Once a week. Since this is not a course (or workshop) but instead a venue for rehearsing/training/practicing happening every Friday and intended to run the whole summer, you can always catch up and come when you want/can.
Dates: every Friday at 6:00-8:00 pm
Price: 5 EUR per hour and per person (a 120-min session will cost 10 EUR), if you sign up for 1-month you pay 35 EUR per month (or 4 sessions). We accept cash, and you can effectuate the payment for an individual session just before the start. A bank account would be provided in the case you want to transfer (in advance) the fee for a 1-month participation.
Not essential but preferred, especially if you want to sign up for a month (4 sessions). Just send and e-mail to Regina Lomi (LoMío)
Training outfits, sports wear, or similar. Light and dark-colored training shoes would be appropriate since the soil in the field is devoid of grass. Otherwise, no shoes is best for a dance therapy and way more comfortable.
English (German or Spanish on request).
We meet at the door of the Mariposa – Raum für Transformation at 17:40, then at 17:55 we move towards the Viktoriapark.
Whenever possible the sessions will be at the Basketball field (surrounded by green fences) in front of the Café at the left side (from Kreuzbergstr.) of the base of the «Eiserne Kreuz» (Iron Cross) monument.
Mariposa – Raum für Transformation
Monumentenstrasse 20
10965 Berlin
(fast um die Ecke Monumentstr./Katzbachstr., in der Nähe von Viktoriapark)
Stadtteil: Kreuzberg
U/S-Bahn: Yorckstrasse, Platz der Luftbrücke