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Techno + Yoga class

20/07/2019 a las 11:30 – 14:30
Mittelweg 30
Techno + Yoga class @ Lessinghöhe


Are you a Yogi who loves Progressive House & Techno?

Join Bumble BFF for a TECHNO+YOGA class by Yoga Motion Berlin and DJ Shimmy G.
We introduce to you a new style of morning Yoga with the intention to help you connect with the vital & primal energies that exist deep within including 75 minutes of Power Vinyasa and Yin and Techno followed by a cosmic meditation and Savasana to finish.
Yoga helps you to release tension in the body and balances vital energies that can get blocked from day to day stresses. Your movements are gently guided by your instructor, allowing your own internal rhythm to emerge. Your practice will be accompanied by our DJs and their selection of electronic music synced with our flow to help you build positive energy. The purpose of this event is to connect with the subtle energies and vibrations of different frequencies, in this occasion, connecting us to another wave source that we often times forget to observe in the physical body.
*Please bring with you your own yoga mat. 🧘

Yoga and Music are both a great medium to bring people together. So we ask if everyone can bring a sharing plate of food, so we can brunch together after the class and get to know each other a little bit more!
This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate.

Free entry.

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