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The Silly Pirates’ Merciful Choir

18/08/2020 a las 19:45 – 22:00
Görlitzer Straße 39
The Silly Pirates’ Merciful Choir @ Kiki

The Silly Pirates’ Merciful Choir

In a block of seven magical Tuesday evenings, we shall venture into the seas of the voice. This time our captain will just be one of the crew and hero Bird will take over the ship.

Playfully, conceptualised for people who have no prior experience in music theory and singing outside of their own showers, we shall figure out together how you can use your breath and posture to support your voice. In a journey to healthy vocal projection, Bird hopes to help you to a more relaxed throat so your voice is sore less often and shall soar instead, excuse the cheesy pun.

Meditation will flow into breathing, humming and singing exercises and ritual into song, and we’ll always look for the laziest path to get where we want. It shall all be a little experimental, we’ll play with music Bird provides, find the joy in friction and meditate on dissonance at least as much as on harmony. If you write poems or even music yourself, the pieces studied can be a collaborative effort.

After seven 2+ hour sessions near Görli, Bird can’t promise we’ll have a program of songs to fill an evening with, but we’ll have gone on an exciting journey either which way. If we decide to keep going after that, we’re sure to reach a point of enough material to have a concert, but for the beginning our goal is to look inward at and then connect through our voices.

Starts 18th August
Seven Tuesdays

Please arrive a bit earlier.
Opening is at 19:45
Choir is 20-22h
@KiKi: Görlitzer Str 39
105€ for the 7 weeks (or come to Bird if that’s too much for you).

If you haven’t met Bird of Prayer yet, they’re a whimsical pirate who’s still looking for the right tree to nest in, roosting on any new branch they encounter. They’ve spent time with both classical and jazz technique but want to stick with neither, had only half of a choir conductor’s training before moving to Berlin some years ago, but enough experience to provide a solid foundation, while keeping the openness to try unconventional approaches. They love cleaning to electronic drone music, dreaming to renaissance madrigals and masturbating to French impressionist orchestral pieces.