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Tortuga AWG 01/07/2020.

01/07/2020 a las 18:30 – 21:00
Tortuga Cycles
Prenzlauer Promenade 180
13189 Berlín
Tortuga AWG 01/07/2020. @ Tortuga Cycles


We start from the Shop heading Gorinsee, Wald Basdorf, the natural park of Schönower Heide and back through stretches of Panketal.
A nice and fast ride to enjoy the sunset.

Even if days are now longer, please bring a front + rear light with you.
A social beer after the ride is in the bucket list.

This year group rides are a bit more special due to the restrictions affecting group sports activities and we invite you to read carefully the following STRICT RULES:
– according to the number of participants, we’re gonna split in groups;
– during the event, it’s mandatory to ride in couples respecting a safety distance of min. 2 mt;
– before the ride and during every stop, it’s mandatory to respect a social distancing of min. 2 mt;
– please consider to take a mask with you every time you wanna stop and step in to a supermarket or gas station;
– for yours and others safety, don’t join if you don’t feel 100% healthy.

– This is the route:
– Save it into your device (if supported);
– Invite your friends;
– Bring water and food as needed;
– Pace will be set according to the group and weather conditions;
– No helmet no ride;
– Be there 10 mins before the start;
– A spare tube and a pump can save your ride;
– Tortuga’s crew will be there with you.