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Trash Wedding curated by Mō Gallery

13/09/2019 a las 20:00 – 14/09/2019 a las 02:00
Kaduka Berlin
Weserstraße 207
Trash Wedding curated by Mō Gallery @ Kaduka Berlin


TRASH WEDDING is an exercise in poor taste. It exists to shit on the tired notions of life that we still grip onto and are ruled by. It makes the necessary unnecessary, defines importance by being unimportant, laughs at convention through its own ritual, and is at once happy and unhappy. Hosted by Staski Jones, writer and producer of Dorzaman Shorzaman: late-night trash TV show! Staski will guide you through the night, armed with her Bone of Eternal Regrets, and an official $20 marriage license from!

Turn up at the altar with your trash marriage partner (animals, timewasters and rambling vows encouraged), and Miss Jones will be your trash wedding officiator! Smile for the camera, take your trash certificate, then pass the Bone of Eternal Regrets on to the next unlucky couple and enjoy the rest of your lives together…really.

So pack your clutch, head down to Neukölln with your finest trash gown, and sign your life away!

Entrance: 5eur

Doors 8pm
Ceremonies from 9pm
Dance to Dada Disco and more from 10pm