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Walking Tour: Rosa Luxemburg’s Berlin

06/08/2020 a las 18:00 – 20:00
RevolutionaryBerlin Tours


## We are now offering walking tours with social distancing! More information on our safety protocols below. ##

“Berlin has made the most unfavorable impression on me.” It is 1898 and Rosa Luxemburg has just arrived in the capital of the German Empire. She describes it in a letter as: “cold, tasteless, massive – a real barracks; and the dear Prussians with their arrogance, as though every one of them had swallowed the cane with which one had once been beaten…” Fair to say it isn’t love at first sight, but Luxemburg stays here until the bitter end. Berlin is her home for the next two decades.

On January 15, 1919, Rosa Luxemburg was murdered by proto-fascist paramilitaries, under the orders of the Social Democratic government. 101 years after one of the most infamous political assassinations of the 20th century, we are going to take a walking tour through Luxemburg’s Berlin. We will visit the places where she lived, worked, wrote, and spent time with friends and lovers. We will especially look at spots where Luxemburg worked during the revolution of 1918, and where she went into hiding as the counter-revolution closed in.

If you would like to take part, please send an e-mail with the date of the tour and the full names and e-mail addresses of everyone who plans to participate to

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. The tour will meet at Mehringplatz in Kreuzberg, on the north side of the square at the exit of U6 Hallesches Tor, where the escalator goes up toward Friedrichstraße. The tour will end, after one trip on the U-Bahn, in Friedenau.

Suggested donation is 10 euros per person, but any contribution is appreciated.

The tour is in English and lasts approximately 2 hours. A ticket for the subway (Berlin AB) is needed.

+++ Safety protocols +++

– tour groups will be limited to 20 people.

– our guides will use a plastic face visor and a small loudspeaker.

– our guests are asked to use nose and mouth masks at stops and on the train.

– guests will need to register with their full names and e-mail addresses in case we need to track a chain of infection.

– there will be no handshakes during the tour.

– we will hand out pieces of paper at the beginning of the tour that people can read from. But this is entirely optional.

– donations at the end of the tour can be dropped into a bag held at arms length. Please bring exact change. Electronic donations are not possible at this time.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send us an e-mail!


* for our long-term fans: we are offering a streamlined version of the Rosa Luxemburg Tour — it will last two hours instead of two and a half. This will have all the same content, but one less trip on the U-Bahn and therefore one less stop. The reason is that people have been asking for a slightly shorter tour in the summer heat.