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Zucasa’s Inaguration: Art-bazaar

18/05/2019 a las 12:00 – 19/05/2019 a las 22:30
Zucasa Kulturzentrum
Donaustrasse 79
Zucasa's Inaguration: Art-bazaar @ Zucasa Kulturzentrum

We are very happy to announce that on Saturday 18th of May we will have our formal inauguration day! Every activity we propose from Zucasa Kulturzentrum is made with work, effort and a lot of love. We believe in community; we believe that by working together we can achieve better results. We believe in supporting each other’s projects, getting to know one another, helping each other grow. We believe in people who engage in work and activities because they’re passionate; sometimes we don’t have all the tools but if we work together we have better chances to succeed.
We want to be a channel for new artists, a house for emerging ideas.

That’s why, for our inauguration day, we invite you into an art festival made by local and inspiring self-starters.